Global Reach. Local Touch. Affordable Solutions.

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Our single goal is always to get the very best outcomes for our clients. That means we seek out and present the solutions which are absolutely best for them, not the most beneficial to us. It also means that we broke differently than others.

Our global reach means we are just as likely to place risks in Australia, into Singapore or Dubai, as we are to shop it around the London market. Whatever is best for our client.

Unlike many smaller brokers, we have sufficient international reach to have up-to-date intelligence about every insurance market. And unlike some of the larger brokers, instead of a regional business structure, where business units operate independently and in their own interest, Mason Wells is structured according to what’s best for our customer. Each line of business operates without geographical boundaries and P&L constraints. Global Reach. Local Touch. Affordable Solutions.



At Mason Wells we bring together the best people and the best markets, so that you can be sure your needs are aligned and connected to the very best solutions available, protecting your business and lifestyle, now and into the future.

Mason Wells connects clients with clients. Offering a value add to your business that is outside the normal scope of any Insurance Broker.

We put our client’s business at the centre of our business, making sure that Mason Wells is with you in partnership as you and your business grows.



Whether you need insurance for your business or personal life and assets, we have the experience to help you find the policy that’s right for you.

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Mason Wells work together with our commercial clients to ensure their business assets are protected. We span across a number of industries including hospitality professionals, commercial property owners, car, truck and fleet dealers and manufacturers.


Mason Wells work across a multitude of professional service firms to provide insurance solutions designed to protect their reputation, livelihood and any potential cost of litigation.

Mason Wells works with professional services including, structural engineers, IT consultants, financial planners, medical practitioners and providers, beauty technicians, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and a broad range of advisory and consulting firms.  


Mason Wells understands the ever-evolving landscape of the transportation, marine and construction industries. We asses each individual risk and any potential litigation and provide solutions for our transport, marine and construction clients including but not limited to, large transport, corporate and commercial fleet, owner-drivers, building suppliers and manufacturers, commercial and residential builders, civil contractors and drilling contractors.

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The true test of any insurance program is how it responds. We ensure our clients are supported throughout the process via access to our in-house claim professionals, our good relationships with prominent loss adjusters, and our successful claims payment record.

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Mason Wells is a specialist local insurance broker with global reach, placing risks for large multi-national corporations, SMEs, local businesses and start-ups. Our team of experts works closely with clients ensuring they are aligned with the best markets, people and products available to achieve the right solution.

Taking a long-term view means that we are dedicated to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients and markets. By working together, we believe we can tackle the most sophisticated risks with a tenacity to deliver on time, every time.



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